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28 August, 2011

I was going to remark on how surprised I was that my legs aren’t all that sore after another series of solid workouts, and some trackwork for the first time in ages — but then I hear that the people with whom I’ve been working out were all out doing 30-35km long runs today, so I’ll leave it there!

Thursday: PM – 1-2-2-1km (3:04, 6:35, 6:40, 3:04)

Friday: AM -10km easy, PM – walking/stretching/balancing (blackberrying)

Sat: AM – 5x800m (2:30, 2:32, 2:34, 2:32, 2:30), recoveries of 1:45-2:00.
Sun: AM – 24km (1hr55mins).


Recovery Supercycle

25 August, 2011

Loyal readers may have found my blog inaccessible in the last few days. Sorry about that — I realized that I needed a break from blogging about the same time I realized wordpress  have been putting ads on my blog. After some reflection, I’ve decided that I don’t care that much, if it keeps wordpress going, as it’s still the best blogging platform out there in other ways.


I also needed a little break from running. Perhaps I put too much emphasis on recovery, but I really am only listening to my body. Possibly if I ran more according to feel and less by the clock (a work in progress) I could get away with fewer extended breaks. Anyway, my sleep was becoming progressively shallower and shorter, a sure sign of over-reaching (all else being equal).


So, I took a few days off and went to beautiful Galiano Island, where I proceeded to do almost nothing — unless you count easy cycling as doing something, which I don’t. Wow, there are a lot of pointless hills on that island. Even easy cycling doesn’t turn out to be that easy. But I felt the difference very quickly, remembered what stillness is, what quiet is, remembered that I’m not old yet, and slept like the proverbial baby, outside!

Near the island’s northern extremity I found this on the road:

Perhaps my legs weren't fully recovered, as this bird was looking at me quite expectantly.


21 August, 2011

In the last seven days: a 10k race (Sun), a 1.5 hour run (Mon), a one hour run (Wed), hills (5x~800m) (Thu), 45mins (Fri), timed intervals (4x4mins on/off, 8x1min on/off) (Sat), and a 1.75 hour run today. It’s the biggest week of training — volume and intensity — for quite  a while. Without the trackwork, I’m not quite as springy as I was this time last year, but my stride felt nice and fluid this morning.

Richmond Oval 10k 2011

14 August, 2011

In contrast to last year, conditions today were perfect for a fast race on this flat course — mostly grey skies and not too hot. It would have been worth a shot at a PB, and I set out at 3:30 pace for the first km. Unfortunately, I was mostly on my own after the 2km mark, and I think this accounts for some erratic pacing. It was also a bit gusty, which probably didn’t help (though being an out-and-back course it shouldn’t have made any difference, in theory).


The result is a little disappointing, as I haven’t made any obvious improvement since Summerfast. On the other hand, rather than tapering, this week was more basebuilding — except for the lack of long run today. It could be that the 2x3km workout on Thursday is more easily recovered from by those already at a higher training volume. Also, I noticed that a few other people didn’t have great races, so perhaps the wind did have a net effect (could also be due to being off-season). It’s too bad that the Delta Half Marathon was on the same day, I suspect that if the organizers conspired to stagger their events they’d both clean-up in terms of attendance, and both races would be more competitive.


3:30, 3:35, 3:44, 3:27, (3:38, 3:39), 3:20, 3:48, 3:37, 3:27.

36:20 2nd AG, 9th overall.

Yesterday: 0km.

Today: 12km (10km race, 2km warm-up/cool-down).

Picking it up

12 August, 2011

This morning, short though it was at half-an-hour, was the seventh day straight of running! Definitely a landmark. If I remember right from last winter, my approach to basebuilding was to concentrate on making certain workouts routine, and gradually adding subsequent workouts. This time I’m filling my schedule with placeholders. A half hour run doesn’t do much by itself, but if I did it this week then I’m more likely to do it next week, and can hopefully build up graducally this way. Yesterday even comprised a short strength-training session in the morning, as well as the nearly-routine, grueling VFAC workout in the evening.

Monday: 45min/10km

Tuesday: 45min/10km

Wednesday: 45min/10km

Thursday: Long interval ~3km (Lovers/Rawlings – Rawlings/Bridal – Bridal/Lake – Loves/Rawlings), 2 repeats 10:16, 10:12.

Fri am: easy run 1/2 hour, pm: easy bike ride around the seawall.

More of the same

7 August, 2011

Okay, so apparently running is repetitive. Yet, we don’t get tired of it somehow! Last week was a step in the right direction, so I took another one, and pretty well did the same thing again. The major differences — a gym session on Tuesday (seems to have taken care of the complaining hip), a hard bike ride Wednesday evening (actually a fixed-gear fartlek, Tue AM I felt a touch of shinsplints so played it safe and didn’t run). Also, Thursday may have been even more excruciating with longer intervals of around 3km (10:35), 2km (6:30), and 2km (6:38). The middle interval was hillier than the last.


Today I did almost the same long run as last week, again unfuelled, but perhaps 1.5-2km longer. I also tried not to look at my watch. One of my new running partners mentioned the “body whisperer” concept, as espoused by Lydiard (he may not have called it that), and it appeals to me. In my half-assed version, I record the time for later but don’t look at the watch as I’m running. Anyway, I ran almost exactly the same pace, and it was even more enjoyable, choosing not to suffer from some vague anxiety about keeping up with the clock. I ran so far into the woods that I came upon another construction site (work being done on the reservoir, I suspect)!


Monday: 10km.

Tuesday AM: gym session (hard effort, still sore on Thursday).

Wed AM: nothing (complaining shins), PM: fixed-fear fartlek ~30km.

Thu PM: Tempo intervals, 3km (10:35), 2km (6:30), 2km (6:38). Unfamiliar routes, died at the end again.

Fri: 0km.

Sat AM: ~10km/45min.

Sun AM: 25-6km/2hours.

Seymour unfuelled

31 July, 2011

A beautiful run on the same trailway as last week. This time I managed to get there early enough that it was cool starting out. The mist gradually burned off as my run progressed (though it started raining as soon as I got back to the bus stop). Totally unfuelled this time, and apparently I kicked the last 2km at 10k race pace. Perhaps this trail is measured down the middle, rather than tangentially. It’s remote enough that there are no drinking fountains, so I have to carry my own water, which means wearing a backpack. Normally I find this a real nuisance. It usually results in chafing, or wearing the pack too tight to breathe properly. Today, though, it seemed as though I could actually use it to monitor my breathing, making sure that I was fully using my diaphragm, and also noticed that the tightness/minor pain in my left hip seemed to correspond to a tightness in my right shoulder and upper-right back. That’s to say, by actively relaxing my shoulder/back, the pain in my hip seemed to diminish!


Thursday evening saw another brutal workout with VFAC. 5x1km with decreasing recoveries, from full- down to about 30s. I totally fell off on the last one, but not really having known what to expect from the outset, I’m reasonably happy with this effort. Plus, I ran almost certainly the fastest kilometre I’ve ever run (3:04), on the third repeat (partly why I died after that).


Tuesday: am – 45min easy.

Wednesday:  am – nought (niggling hip), pm – easyish bike ride.

Thursday: pm – 5x1k diminishing recoveries at Beaver Lake (3:15, 3:12, 3:04, 3:16, 3:22.)

Fri: am – 0km, pm – bike 30mins

Sat: am – 45mins easy.

Sun: am – 1hr45mins (~22km), unfuelled.