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What happened

12 December, 2011

I did not disappear, I did not make it to the starting line in Victoria. My family doc confirmed a grade 1 stress fracture in the same location as before at the end of September, and I’ve been very conservative with my running since then. Not a single track/speed session!

I also saw a sports medic about a month ago. I was told that I was doing everything right re:recovery, and that I could start wearing neutral shoes, which is going to mean saving some weight on the end of my leg (and money). There have been a handful of occasions when I felt some minor pain/discomfort and wasn’t sure if I was reinjuring it, so backed off immediately.

Anyway, so it was back to square one, though I’m building again and have reached the point where I need to start recording my runs to keep track of them. My approach, partly out of necessity, has been a high-monotony routine — easy running all the way, with some of it on soft surfaces, and with non-impact strength training thrown in on a regular basis (twice a week for the last month, more before).

Last week:

Monday: 30mins (~6km).

Tue: 45mins (~10km).

Wed: 45mins.

Thu: 45mins.

Fri: 30mins

Sat: rest.

Sun: 1hr35mins (20km).

Total: 62km.

Today: ~10km.

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