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Three weeks to go

18 September, 2011

Only three weeks till my goal race, and I’m pretty happy about where I find myself in training. Yesterday it rained and my legs felt very heavy (probably not just the extra weight of rainwater). But I was 7s per km faster on the previous night’s workout than I was on the previous attempt at 5x1k diminishing rest (July 31st), and with the weekend’s race still weighing on my legs perhaps it’s not surprising.

Mon: dip in the ocean

Tue: 14km.

Wed: 12km

Thu: AM – hip/core, PM – 5x1km with decreasing recovery (3:11, 3:02, 3:05, 3:09, 3:06).

Fri: 0.

Sat: 10km.

Today: 25km(Crab park – Convention Centre – Coal Harbour – Stanley Seawall – 2nd beach – Bridle/Rawlings – 2nd beach – Sunset beach – Burrard Bridge – Kits Beach – False Creek Seawall South etc.)

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