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Recovery Supercycle

25 August, 2011

Loyal readers may have found my blog inaccessible in the last few days. Sorry about that — I realized that I needed a break from blogging about the same time I realized wordpress  have been putting ads on my blog. After some reflection, I’ve decided that I don’t care that much, if it keeps wordpress going, as it’s still the best blogging platform out there in other ways.


I also needed a little break from running. Perhaps I put too much emphasis on recovery, but I really am only listening to my body. Possibly if I ran more according to feel and less by the clock (a work in progress) I could get away with fewer extended breaks. Anyway, my sleep was becoming progressively shallower and shorter, a sure sign of over-reaching (all else being equal).


So, I took a few days off and went to beautiful Galiano Island, where I proceeded to do almost nothing — unless you count easy cycling as doing something, which I don’t. Wow, there are a lot of pointless hills on that island. Even easy cycling doesn’t turn out to be that easy. But I felt the difference very quickly, remembered what stillness is, what quiet is, remembered that I’m not old yet, and slept like the proverbial baby, outside!

Near the island’s northern extremity I found this on the road:

Perhaps my legs weren't fully recovered, as this bird was looking at me quite expectantly.

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