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Richmond Oval 10k 2011

14 August, 2011

In contrast to last year, conditions today were perfect for a fast race on this flat course — mostly grey skies and not too hot. It would have been worth a shot at a PB, and I set out at 3:30 pace for the first km. Unfortunately, I was mostly on my own after the 2km mark, and I think this accounts for some erratic pacing. It was also a bit gusty, which probably didn’t help (though being an out-and-back course it shouldn’t have made any difference, in theory).


The result is a little disappointing, as I haven’t made any obvious improvement since Summerfast. On the other hand, rather than tapering, this week was more basebuilding — except for the lack of long run today. It could be that the 2x3km workout on Thursday is more easily recovered from by those already at a higher training volume. Also, I noticed that a few other people didn’t have great races, so perhaps the wind did have a net effect (could also be due to being off-season). It’s too bad that the Delta Half Marathon was on the same day, I suspect that if the organizers conspired to stagger their events they’d both clean-up in terms of attendance, and both races would be more competitive.


3:30, 3:35, 3:44, 3:27, (3:38, 3:39), 3:20, 3:48, 3:37, 3:27.

36:20 2nd AG, 9th overall.

Yesterday: 0km.

Today: 12km (10km race, 2km warm-up/cool-down).

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