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Picking it up

12 August, 2011

This morning, short though it was at half-an-hour, was the seventh day straight of running! Definitely a landmark. If I remember right from last winter, my approach to basebuilding was to concentrate on making certain workouts routine, and gradually adding subsequent workouts. This time I’m filling my schedule with placeholders. A half hour run doesn’t do much by itself, but if I did it this week then I’m more likely to do it next week, and can hopefully build up graducally this way. Yesterday even comprised a short strength-training session in the morning, as well as the nearly-routine, grueling VFAC workout in the evening.

Monday: 45min/10km

Tuesday: 45min/10km

Wednesday: 45min/10km

Thursday: Long interval ~3km (Lovers/Rawlings – Rawlings/Bridal – Bridal/Lake – Loves/Rawlings), 2 repeats 10:16, 10:12.

Fri am: easy run 1/2 hour, pm: easy bike ride around the seawall.

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