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More of the same

7 August, 2011

Okay, so apparently running is repetitive. Yet, we don’t get tired of it somehow! Last week was a step in the right direction, so I took another one, and pretty well did the same thing again. The major differences — a gym session on Tuesday (seems to have taken care of the complaining hip), a hard bike ride Wednesday evening (actually a fixed-gear fartlek, Tue AM I felt a touch of shinsplints so played it safe and didn’t run). Also, Thursday may have been even more excruciating with longer intervals of around 3km (10:35), 2km (6:30), and 2km (6:38). The middle interval was hillier than the last.


Today I did almost the same long run as last week, again unfuelled, but perhaps 1.5-2km longer. I also tried not to look at my watch. One of my new running partners mentioned the “body whisperer” concept, as espoused by Lydiard (he may not have called it that), and it appeals to me. In my half-assed version, I record the time for later but don’t look at the watch as I’m running. Anyway, I ran almost exactly the same pace, and it was even more enjoyable, choosing not to suffer from some vague anxiety about keeping up with the clock. I ran so far into the woods that I came upon another construction site (work being done on the reservoir, I suspect)!


Monday: 10km.

Tuesday AM: gym session (hard effort, still sore on Thursday).

Wed AM: nothing (complaining shins), PM: fixed-fear fartlek ~30km.

Thu PM: Tempo intervals, 3km (10:35), 2km (6:30), 2km (6:38). Unfamiliar routes, died at the end again.

Fri: 0km.

Sat AM: ~10km/45min.

Sun AM: 25-6km/2hours.

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