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Seymour unfuelled

31 July, 2011

A beautiful run on the same trailway as last week. This time I managed to get there early enough that it was cool starting out. The mist gradually burned off as my run progressed (though it started raining as soon as I got back to the bus stop). Totally unfuelled this time, and apparently I kicked the last 2km at 10k race pace. Perhaps this trail is measured down the middle, rather than tangentially. It’s remote enough that there are no drinking fountains, so I have to carry my own water, which means wearing a backpack. Normally I find this a real nuisance. It usually results in chafing, or wearing the pack too tight to breathe properly. Today, though, it seemed as though I could actually use it to monitor my breathing, making sure that I was fully using my diaphragm, and also noticed that the tightness/minor pain in my left hip seemed to correspond to a tightness in my right shoulder and upper-right back. That’s to say, by actively relaxing my shoulder/back, the pain in my hip seemed to diminish!


Thursday evening saw another brutal workout with VFAC. 5x1km with decreasing recoveries, from full- down to about 30s. I totally fell off on the last one, but not really having known what to expect from the outset, I’m reasonably happy with this effort. Plus, I ran almost certainly the fastest kilometre I’ve ever run (3:04), on the third repeat (partly why I died after that).


Tuesday: am – 45min easy.

Wednesday:  am – nought (niggling hip), pm – easyish bike ride.

Thursday: pm – 5x1k diminishing recoveries at Beaver Lake (3:15, 3:12, 3:04, 3:16, 3:22.)

Fri: am – 0km, pm – bike 30mins

Sat: am – 45mins easy.

Sun: am – 1hr45mins (~22km), unfuelled.

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