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Running with Falcons

22 July, 2011

I have to admit that for the first couple of years of running, VFAC were kind of intimidating. They call themselves the Blue Train, and it’s not unusual for them to bring home most of the prizes at local races. It turns out that they also have pretty well an entire carriage worth of runners at or close to my own level of running, so it was nigh on inevitable that I’d eventually find myself training with them. Not having been an athlete my whole life, I’m not quite sure how it works with “club loyalty”. Is running a team sport? I can see how it might be in the competitive world of post-secondary cross-country, but other than that I’m not sure. I compete with my running friends whatever colour we’re all wearing, and at the end of the day we’re all brothers and sisters, AFAIC. For now, I will play for both teams and dream of the day when they combine to form one mighty club, perhaps like London Serpentine.


Last night was a very fun workout! I’d forgotten how much I like working out with other people. We did long intervals on the trails, where the fastest would start last and try to catch the slowest, everyone finishing at the same place, and roughly the same time. I wasn’t too concerned about my time, but I didn’t want to get left too far behind! It felt very good to be kicking it again. Anyway, it seems like a good group, and I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of doing regular speedwork again. Surprisingly, my legs were not at all sore after Saturday’s race. Perhaps the rain slowed me down enough that I didn’t do significant damage to the muscles. In any event, I was able to get out for a long run of 90-95mins on Monday morning, another workout that I haven’t done enough of lately.


I took today off running, as this week is still officially designated recovery.

Saturday: 10k race.

Sunday: 0km.

Monday: 95mins.

Tuesday: Easy bike ride PM.

Wednesday: 45mins AM.

Thursday: 2.5km (8:30), 1.95km(6:25), 1.3km (3:53) trail intervals.

Today: 0km.

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