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Summerfast 10k 2011

17 July, 2011

On Friday afternoon I was vaguely dreaming that a personal best might be on the cards. Perhaps I could set out at 3:33 per km and take it from there. Then I weighed myself. Whoa! Nearly ten pounds over my usual racing weight (what it was last year, anyway), maybe not.


The first 2k went by in 7:11, the halfway point at 18:20-ish. So I went out a little fast, but managed to negative split despite the quantity of water I was carrying (the rain got heavier as the race progressed). I had the same person in front of me between ~1k and ~8k, and I gained a couple of positions near the end without being overtaken.


I like this event — a clock at the halfway point is an excellent idea, the course and start-finish area is well-populated by volunteers, and the post-race fuel table was stacked with tasty, baked treats and fruit! I was a little disappointed to see a couple of people cutting corners in front of me. It was clearly stated that at the start of the race that the course is measured on the pedestrian path, and I fail to understand why a recreational runner would cut corners. Not a big deal, though.


Bizarre weather for July…I was actually beginning to shiver by the time I left.


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  1. 19 July, 2011 11:23 am

    Glad you liked the race… just a question! Did you try the carrot cake cupcakes?! 😀

    • 19 July, 2011 1:39 pm

      Aw, I wish I had, that sounds tasty…I was losing body heat rapidly because of all the rain, so I couldn’t stick around for as long as I’d have liked!

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