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Planning to race

3 July, 2011

Here’s a picture taken of me around the 14km mark on the Scotiabank course this year.

My form is already collapsing with a third of the race still to go, and I appear to have gained a little weight. Things can only get better!

This weekend I signed up for some more races: Summerfast 10k (a new one, for me), Richmond Oval 10k, and the Victoria Half Marathon. I was in two minds about the Victoria race. Not about whether to do it, but about which distance to run. The 8k last year was beautiful, with just the right level of competition and depth of field, and I peaked, physically and mentally, more perfectly than ever before, or since. Perhaps I feel a little as though I still have something to prove in the half marathon. It has been my favourite distance in the past, but I haven’t had a really decent race in it for a long time. Even my Scotiabank half last year was more or less an afterthought, after peaking for a couple of 10k races.

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