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17 April, 2011

The last two or three weeks I’ve managed to carve something like a barebones running routine into my schedule, two half-hour runs and a full one hour at the weekend (well, at least one), I’ve done a little resistance training, and I’m on my feet most of the time, so I’m healthy rather than sharp (barring some DRRENKing here and there).

I have to admit that this race was so far from the front of my mind this week that it wasn’t until 7pm yesterday that I realized I hadn’t picked up my chip and bib. Most of the thought I’d given it was whether or not I should run at all. But when I woke up at 5am this morning, I realized that it would be really silly not to run, and that it was only my fear of posting a poor time that was holding me back. Nevertheless, I felt like a bit of a fraud at the starting line. I see the posts of friends on facebook and know how hard most people with the blue bibs train, whereas I haven’t done any speedwork since February 3rd when my injury stopped me in my tracks. Luckily (or maybe not), the spiritual flab is probably more bulky than the body weight I’d put on, no more than 5lbs above my ideal racing weight, so at first glance I can still pass for an “elite” runner (same height and weight as Tergat when he set a marathon WR), even if I’ve never actually been able to claim that distinction. Anyway, the sun came out about 30s before the gun, so it was meant to be!

So, I decided this morning I would run like totally zen, and not check my watch throughout. But I was wearing my watch and couldn’t resist taking a peak here and there: 7:00 at 2k, 28:50 at 8k. Pretty good pacing given the first km is a fast one. Enjoyed some banter, but no serious tussles although I was overtaken by a handful of people in the last km. My top-end/finishing speed is not what it was. Finally, I saw the clock counting up to a round number and gave it a little kick to hit 36 flat (official time of 35:51). Kind of amazing that it’s only four seconds slower than last year’s time. I’m definitely not in the shape I was back in October, but I feel as though by running today it was the end of being injured, and the beginning of a new season.

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