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Breaking Point

9 February, 2011

Well, I knew that I was taking a risk by working out last Thursday (and possibly even before that), and it seems probable that was just a step too far. So I don’t have much running to blog about, but at least I can try to get this off my chest and perhaps relieve my friends and acquaintances of some non-virtual vitriol!

I went to the doctor on Monday morning, and he managed to put his finger on it straightaway. Literally. He pushed his finger into my shin and I jumped. Amazing, as I hadn’t actually been able to find the tender spot myself. He the doctor. Anyway, so it’s probably a stress fracture. I couldn’t see much on the x-ray, but that only shows the worst cases (and I’m not a radiologist). A bone scan is the best option for diagnosing this, but apparently the wait list is too long and I won’t get in before the First Half this weekend.

I haven’t totally given up hope that it’s just a case of the periostitis (inflammation of bone sheath), and that it will be better by Sunday, but given that even very slow jogging is not possible right now after nearly six days since my last run, this seems unlikely.

Where did I go wrong? Obviously I built up quite quickly from mid-December, but also a few months ago I almost completely quit dairy, so I’m wondering if I had a net loss of calcium/bone mineral density that could have contributed. Also, last week the workouts were likely too bunched together.

(My mind seems especially foggy for want of a run, and this is probably the most boring blog post I’ve ever written, sorry folks! Back soon, I hope)


This week: zilch.

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