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5 January, 2011

I have to admit that I did not enjoy today’s run! Rain is okay, cold ( 3degC or less) I don’t mind, but put them together and run through it for an hour-and-a-half and it gets uncomfortable. Perhaps this is where compression kit comes in handy. Anyway, such is life for a runner in Vancouver, it could be much worse!


Given the fatigue, moderate irritability/crankiness and a smidgeon of knee pain (not debilitating), I may be approaching the limit, for the time being, of what I can build in pure volume. Both today and yesterday were longer than the runs last week. It’s possible that my body will adapt and I can keep going, but if 90km is the new 75km that’s a pretty good year-on-year increase, and I’m happy with it!


Yesterday: 67′ (15km, False Creek loop via the raining lights tree in English Bay, and Cornwall/Balsam – Vanier Park).

Today: 85′ (20km, short False Creek loop (Burrard/1st) via Hollow Tree).

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