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A new high

2 January, 2011

Not a running high, as such, but a “personal best” for weekly mileage. It’s funny how an unfuelled, two-hour long run has become the new normal — it just doesn’t cause the kind of suffering that it did a month ago. Even though I didn’t exactly jump out of bed this morning in eager anticipation, my energy levels and general outlook seems to be holding up, the odd driver-targeted rant notwithstanding. The last few kilometres of my run today were made somewhat easier by the companionship of my friend and fellow running fanatic David Han, who has been knocking out some killer training weeks. Thanks David!


The false creek loop is getting a little monotonous, given that it’s the default route for most of my runs at the moment. Yesterday, I took the bus up to Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve and went for  a jog including the Lynn Loop. Even with my refitted screwshoes the upper section is quite challenging (by my standards), so I ended up jogging and hiking some of the steeper and more technical sections (also there was ice on the stairs in places). The lower section by the river is a really beautiful place to run and build some momentum.


Friday: 60′(14km)

Yesterday: 50′ (8km, pace not meaningful given the terrain)

Today: 122′ (27km, included pit-stop. Note to self: Dan-D-Pak Traveller’s Mix on my oats is off the breakfast menu from now on).

This week: 93km.

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