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30 December, 2010

Have I ranted yet on this blog about the drivers of Vancouver? I’m pretty sure that I have done at some point. Nevertheless I’m going to have to do it again. Just in case you’re a driver who has been looking for a blog on how to drive more quickly around (or through) Vancouver’s historic Chinatown, but accidentally stumbled, as is your wont, across this running blog. Welcome! I would like you to give pause for thought — perhaps even at a stop sign somewhere between here and your final destination — to consider what it might be like to have killed or seriously injured a pedestrian. Would it be easier to sleep at night? Or crawl into your metal cage on the way to and from work every day for the rest of your miserable life? Or even live with yourself? Even if that pesky pedestrian scratches your paintwork in his final nanomoments. Seriously.

Okay, I may have been moving slightly faster than your average pedestrian. Nevertheless, I was about as brightly dressed as it’s possible to be without the risk of being accidentally abducted by the circus. And no, we didn’t actually collide. But it was much too close.

More fartlek today. I understand now, this Lydiardite base-building. You push the envelope with your weekly volume, and you do a weekly fartlek to stay in touch with some speed, and shake out the kinks (without going near the edge). But I’m already looking forward to the variety of the next phase.

Today: 50′(12km, incl. 8×3′ hard, 90s recoveries).

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