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Structured fartlek

23 December, 2010

My workout this evening was almost identical to the one two weeks ago (8×3′ hard, ~10k pace, 1:30 recoveries), so nothing very exciting to report! In the past, repeating workouts and having minimal variety has been a source of background anxiety, but despite there being so many possibilities this is in fact a strategy backed up my Matt Fitzgerald in the book I reviewed at the weekend, as it allows the runner to compare successive workouts and thus build psychological momentum. However, it was different today in so far as the setting was my habitual easy stomping ground of false creek rather than the track. It actually makes more sense to do it this way — a couple of weeks ago I spent more of my conscious attention directed to maintaining the distance run in three minutes rather than on the internal focus and “affective feedback”. This time, although I would try to imagine how far I could get along this route which I know so well, I had no way of knowing the precise distance, (given also that it goes over a bridge) and therefore had to run entirely by feel.


Yesterday: 82′ (18km, to hollow tree and back via Cambie bridge/1st Ave).

Today: 50′ (including Vanier park, 12km total).

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