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4000m on the track (part 2)

16 December, 2010

I did this workout/time trial exactly a year ago and I was 47s (13:29) faster today. Yesterday was hardly a day off though, with a medium-long run of 18km (okay, so I forgot about the time trial), so it’s hard to make a direct comparison.

I’m starting to record the length of my runs in minutes, because that’s how I’ve been thinking about them (and then converting them and/or working out the distance afterward) for quite a while. The fact is that every time I calculate my pace it is within a much smaller range of useful paces than the ideal “allowable” range, so I trust my sense of how fast to run. Hours of training per week is still a foreign concept, though, so I’m continuing to record distance as well until I can work out a better system.

Sunday: 85′ (19km).

Last week: 56km.

Tuesday: 30′ (7km).

Wednesday: 80′ (18km).

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