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Scaring the wildlife

30 November, 2010

7km in 24:55 (3:38 per)

It’s not especially cold, but this weather is challenging. Have I lost subcutaneous fat on my forearms? Because I’d lost feeling in them after about twenty minutes (during the ‘warm-up’). I suppose this is why some runners wear arm-warmers, which I’ve thought of until now as one of the more ridiculous, gear-head consumables.


The ducks and squirrels must have thought they would have Beaver Lake to themselves this afternoon, given the rain, but along I came. It’s possible they could be used as a way to monitor form. If they are no more scared on the last lap than the first, then form has (I’m hypothesizing) been maintained. It could also be that (even though I’m all over the place) by the final lap they’ve become somewhat accustomed to me, perhaps considering me as a creature somewhere between nut-toting tourist and rabid dog. Indeed, I nearly stepped on a small, possibly-depressed songbird on my final lap, although I don’t think I even ran one lap without scaring almost all the wildlife in the area.


I probably was struggling a bit. It’s hard to believe now that I ran 7s/km faster on the rolling Victoria course and for a full eight kilometres six weeks ago. I remember being extremely focussed, perhaps more than I’ve ever been during a race before. Also, it was very wet today, and I had no music, competition or workout partners, so it’s good enough. The less than perfectly-level ground provided a slight challenge to my ankle, which didn’t complain, so I’m happy about that.

Yesterday: 0km (strength, mostly core and plantarflexors in the gym).

Today: 16km.

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