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Long run, check!

28 November, 2010

Thankfully I managed to pull out a long run this morning without any problems from the ankle. Cross-country racing is quite another matter, but I’m now scheduled to race next Saturday for the Gunner Shaw Memorial XC at Jericho Beach. The good thing about doing little more than the bare minimum of strength training is that it’s possible to make gains in that department almost at the drop of a hat. One week? We’ll see.

For the longer term, I believe it’s still possible for me too slow things down a bit and (hopefully) increase volume as a result. I seemed to be running slower/easier today, but it turned out still to average in the 4:20-30/km zone, which is my default easy pace for the moment.

My long run today encompassed some of the best and the worst of running in Vancouver. I love running along the trails by the beaches, but Pt.Grey Road is just a nightmare. The road is too narrow for the volume of traffic, while the sidewalk is too narrow for the running/jogging population. I fully support Peter Ladner’s proposal to construct a bike/running lane through this urban planning disaster!

Today: 28km (Chinatown, Science World, False Creek, Sunset Beach Cafe, Burrard Bridge, Cypress, Kits-Jericho Beaches, Spanish Banks, Acadia Beach parking (turnaround), back to Vanier Park, False Creek (southside), Cambie Bridge, Chinatown. 2:05ish, fuelled with dates.

This week: 69km.

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