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Things that go pop in the gym

25 November, 2010

The track was snowed out and the interval session cancelled, so I went to the gym this evening. I’m now dealing with some uncertainty about an injury. The hotspot about 1-2 inches below my right ankle on the lateral side, which I thought was on the mend, suddenly ‘gave’ — felt like it snapped — while I was doing a seated one-leg calf-raise, near the lowest point on the way back up. I was listening to my mp3 player so can’t say whether it audibly popped (which would not be good). I was not lifting anywhere near the maximal one-rep weight. It was probably three or four reps into the first set.


I went to get some ice from the first aid attendant who noticed that the range of motion of my ankle in the dorsal direction is less than normal, indicating a muscle imbalance between the dorsiflexors and plantar-flexors. This makes total sense as I train the latter but do nothing for the former, although I do stretch both the soleus and gastroc fairly religiously. I’ve heard about the tibialis anterior before, but had only a vague theoretical conception of it and not considered working it specifically! It’s not impossible that this is just a muscle spasm, although I’ve had that before and this felt more ‘cartilaginous’. I have it bound up so tight so as to have lost feeling for the time being. Will have to go and see a professional pretty soon.

Tuesday: 11km.

Yesterday: 17km.

Today: 0km.

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