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Last Ever H2H

6 November, 2010

This was the last ever Haney to Harrison relay race, my first, and I have to say this is an absolute gem of a race. I heard so many stories today from previous years of this legendary race — it will be missed. I’m told that the sun making an appearance is practically unheard of, but we got lucky this time. As our runner for leg 7 reached the top of his climb, the sun came out and we were treated to some seriously beautiful countryside.

I’m a little sad about not being able to run this again. Apart from the fun of running in a team, running on country roads is not something I often get a chance to do. If I visit family in Wales the lanes are invariably either too narrow and/or the traffic is way too fast for it to be safe, and I don’t drive. So many smells! Farms and humus and woodfire — autumn, a real treat. Perhaps the distraction of this was one reason why my performance was less than stellar today (also a strong headwind in the last mile, though flat as a pancake). I was also running alone without any real chance of catching the runner ahead of me, and a good head-start on the runner behind me. Excuses aside, I’m just not sharp after an easy month.

7.87km in 28:41 (3:39/km)h — a useful tempo run, training-wise.

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