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Racing plans

4 November, 2010

I seem to have dodged a bullet (or should that be arrow?) regarding the Achilles tendon, which had never before been sore, as well as the various hotspots on my calves that I was feeling after last week’s track session. What a relief! I didn’t want to let the team down in the Haney to Harrison relay race on Sunday.

Also, I successfully signed-up for the PRR First Half half marathon this morning. I got up at 5.30am to make sure of it after missing previous years, even though they didn’t start taking orders till 7am as previously announced. This is one race where I should have a low bib number based on the fact that I signed up within five minutes of registration opening! (Or last name). If the bib numbers are based on seeding, however, then I may have a higher number! There is some serious competition in this race, if previous years are anything to go by. Typically 76 minutes might land a place in the top 20 or top 25!

Sadly, a few of my running friends did not get in. They may yet as the server crashed after being bombarded and there are supposedly 750+ spots still available. I realize I’m fighting the tide here, but this already-classic race has the potential to become a modern myth, if the organizers were only to implement a qualifying standard guaranteeing entry (perhaps in conjunction with a lottery for the ‘second half’, or whatever proportion makes sense). Does a random chance (based on how early you get up, or how quickly you can tap the refresh button) at getting a spot make sense? Does it instill any sense of achievement at just making it to the starting line, in the way that the Boston marathon does (or used t0, some might say). Not only that, but given the lofty standards that are set for Canadian olympic marathoners, perhaps a vigorous grass-roots movement might lead to a real resurgence in Canadian running (not just the odd Bairu/Coolsaet here and there).

Enough from the soapbox. I’m rebuilding gradually. After consulting the coach and a number of more experienced running friends, I’ve decided I will train to run both the Sun Run and the BMO Vancouver Marathon in the spring. I’m very excited about this! Now I have a mountain of training ahead of me.

Tuesday: 12km.

Today: ~7km (including 6x400m @ ~10k pace).

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