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Back to the track

28 October, 2010

Though I’ve been slack with the posting of blogs, I have managed to establish a rhythm of going to the gym every other day. It’s not as bad as it used to be. I find it funny how so many other endurance athletes seem to make a point of wearing event t-shirts, cycling shorts and so on, as if to say “I’m not here for big muscles”. Yes, and I’ve realized that gains in strength are more easily come by than gains in size or weight. My appetite seems to regulate how much I can eat — when I overindulge it adjusts by demanding less the next meal/day. And I don’t enjoy force-feeding, so I’m going to work running back into my routine and work on the assumption that the rest I took was good enough.


Tonight: 4 sets of (1km, ~2:30 rest, 400m, 3:00 rest). I was happy to keep all the kilometres under 3:20, and I have a clear preference for the company of runners over gym-goers. Right calf and left achilles (eek) a little tight.

3:18, 67, 3:15, 73,  3:19, 75, 3:12, 69s.

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