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Pulsating at the temples

21 October, 2010

Even though it’s part of the plan, not running does not feel good. I can feel my heart thudding in my chest at night, just that little bit faster it seems, and one worry or another threatens to send me on a hypochondriacal trip to the doctor. On the bright side, my calves didn’t even whimper while jogging for the bus today (I was holding on to the hope that it might wait, not sprinting for the certainty of catching it, which is what I would normally do) — no pain!


My legs are back to a normal that hasn’t been normal for several weeks, but gaining weight will take a little longer. My goal of ten pounds is only an ideal — this effort will continue to the end of this week and maybe into next week, depending. My gym sessions will then blend gradually into the kind of pure, running-only week that I’ve been building up to this year. Even though this is definitely a crash course in weight gain (trust me, I’ve been pigging out) I think this will be enough.


One thing that becomes strikingly clear as I read about how to gain weight — even though running and strength training have much in common, it is really hard to find a weightlifter that can write well! I don’t know why this is. Most blogging runners seem to have a basic mastery of English, despite the odds, whereas weightlifters apparently fall in line with the rest of the interwebz. This makes it very hard to find a reliable source of information. I probably sound like a snob, but if you’re too lazy/unaware to write something coherent and readable, then there’s nothing to differentiate you from the fifty million other meatheads posting about their workout routine. If you know of some exceptions, then please let me know.

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