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I heart Victoria

11 October, 2010

Every time I come back from Victoria more convinced than before that I should try and live there. There are so many dedicated athletes (amongst others) for one thing, and every race has such an amazing atmosphere.

Despite not sleeping very well, I actually woke up feeling fresh and ready to go, and I took a stroll down to the start line after breakfast and coffee. The early morning plus the excitement of the assembled runners made for an electrifying final few minutes before the gun as the sky brightened. However, the condition of the roads, particularly near the start/finish line and parts of Dallas Road seems to have deteriorated significantly since I was last here. Maybe they’re due for a municipal election.

For once, I held myself back for the first couple of kilometres, reaching the 2km mark at 6:50, which was slightly faster than the goal pace but not too bad as the start is perhaps slightly downhill if anything. The splits I remember (was beyond pressing buttons): 3k in 10:3x, 4k in 13:50. Slumping in the middle but not like the serious rabbits. Then, I ran more-or-less shoulder-to-shoulder with the second place female for maybe one or two kilometres before leaving her behind (I believe she had an off-day, to be fair). Pain, gruelling pain. A couple more scalps, then what I call ‘the bends’ (the winding final few hundred metres of this course). Two more corners, somebody dry-heaving behind me, one more corner. One last person to overtake with 400m to go — the one with all the cameras and media attention focussed on her. This would not be a good time to fall over, and I kept half an eye on the potholes. I passed 7.5k at exactly 26:00, which means the last 5oom went by in 1:25 — this bit makes me proud, to be honest (unless the marker was out). Gaining 15 seconds in the second half, I finished with a (chip) time of 27:25.

Gun time 27:29!

Yesterday: 10km (total).


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