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5x1km, 400m recoveries

23 September, 2010

@3:16±1s, 400m/~3:00 recoveries.

I was soaked through by the time we started (torrential rain), so I’m happy with this effort.

Below I’m posting a funny “Behind the Scenes” report for last weekend’s Pinetree Classic race, taken from the Phoenix Running Club site. All things considered, it’s impressive that the whole thing came off as seamlessly as it did. And I find it heartwarming that this no-frills (except for the cookies at the end!), low-cost race — organized by runners giving of themselves — survives in an increasingly corporatized milieu. Long may you run, PRC.

Phoenix was coasting through a sunny, summer season generally looking forward to hosting our Pinetree Classic cross country meet in September. Some of us remembered last year’s event and the problems we had that were beyond our control. We hoped that this year’s event would run smoothly because we had made notes on improvements that could be implemented. We were wrong!

As September 18th approached, Jim had to take control of a meet that looked as if it might have to be cancelled. The city told us that we could only use half of field 4 causing a course alteration. Ruby told us that the B.C. Frisbee Championships with 200 competitors would be using the facility and parking lot of which the city had no knowledge. John told Jim that he could not present the awards because he had to run the race in his new 70+ age category and suggested that Heather’s mum could be his replacement. Vic, the race director, had to go and run the Wroclaw Marathon in Poland. Katie Tongue, when asked to help, hurled herself over the handlebars of her bike and broke her collarbone. Gunther, who had already gone on a dozen holidays so far this year, decided it was time for another one. John Woodcock followed Gunther’s lead and went off to sunny Italy on vacation. Matt and Kathryn decided that it would be more fun to run a hundred miles that day and it began to look as if they were right. Poor Jim increased his use of swear words fourfold and, bucking all headwinds, vowed never to be Meet Director again. But, with great encouragement from the rest of the club, he soldiered on and the day arrived. It was pouring, but at least the frisbee crowd had been told not to show up or the police would greet them.

To cut a long tale of woe short, when the venue was all ready and Jim had fine-tuned the funnel, the cones, the tents, the registration, the food and the coffee- all reminiscent of a Swiss watchmaker- the meet got underway. Jim raised the gun to start the race. God got the message and stopped the rain. From then on, everything ran like clockwork. Nobody took a wrong turn and Jim stopped swearing.

A huge thanks go to all those club members and parents who worked with a lot of enthusiasm to make the 2010 Pinetree Cross Country race a success for well over 200 participants not to mention the $1000 raised, some of which should go to Jim to help convince him to be Race Director next year.

John T.

Yesterday: 9km

Today: 7km.

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