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Central Valley Greenway

12 September, 2010

Like most interurban trails, the Central Valley Greenway presents some of the best and the worst of the cities it connects. The highlight, for me, is the section shortly after leaving New Westinster where the trail becomes a wide gravel track and leaves the road to follow the Brunette River through mostly deciduous woodland. It’s an unexpected treat after the hodge-podge of suburban sidewalks and busy roads that make up the New West section.

As the trail continues through the Burnaby Lake Regional Park, the path becomes a little bumpy and roots appear underfoot in Birch groves. Despite the heavy rain I was strongly tempted to slow down so that I could better appreciate my surroundings without tripping over the terrain. This is a trail for roadrunners — even with a low stride it’s none too challenging, and today the surface even felt a little spongy/mossy underfoot, as if it were a high-tech track made for sprinting (could have been from absorbing water).  The map and signs provided for the Central Valley Greenway might have been a little clearer as there are a number of trails which snake around this park, but it was no great hardship to find myself wondering which direction to take, and I didn’t get totally lost.

There’s not much to say about the rest of the Burnaby section of the trail — mostly wasteland and construction/industrial zones, it does at least have potential, and it’s never too far from a skytrain station should the bleakness become overwhelming. I followed the trail as it runs under the skytrain up to near Broadway/Commercial station where I left it to run home. Not very fast as I didn’t know exactly where I was going at all times and was slowed down by the conditions, but a satisfying run nonetheless.

Friday: 10km.

Yesterday: 7km.

Today: ~24km.

This week: 60km.

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