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Long run cancelled

5 September, 2010

It’s never easy to bail on a long run as I’ve always considered it the keystone of my training week, regardless of the distance I’m training for. I was also looking forward to posting a 80+km week, but all things considered it wasn’t going to happen.

I did a sort of long run yesterday, hiking/running from the base of the Grouse Grind to Deep Cove. Although I didn’t run the whole thing and we stopped several times along the way, my legs are telling me today that it was a challenging workout (they feel more sore than after any track workout I’ve done for a long time). I let loose on one or two of the downhill sections, so my quads are good and trashed. Also, I can feel a hotspot on my left calf which could go either way, and I’m fighting off a cold. By themselves, none of these things would be enough to stop me tackling the long run, but together they’re a disaster waiting to happen…my form would deteriorate long before the end, and I’d almost certainly be looking at 2-6 weeks recovery, rather than a day or two. It’s actually good that all these things (which are all overdue) happen at once. Either I will try again tomorrow morning or just label this week ‘recovery’.

Friday: 0km.

Yesterday: 18km.

Yellow bars represent total weekly mileage (km), blue bars are long runs.

Ooh, an exciting graph! You can see that last week was about the same total volume as the second week in January, when I did a number on my calf muscle during a long run. Thankfully, that long run was a good deal shorter and I was only doing one speed session per week back then. So, even though I’ve temporarily hit a ‘ceiling’, I think I’ve still made progress since then (in terms of the amount training I can withstand). And hopefully my next workout won’t result in a crash and protracted recovery period.

This week: 54km.

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