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2 September, 2010

My workout this evening was all over the shop. Is it true that the workout you most dread is the one that offers the most benefit? This would be a good argument against any form of self-coaching. For example, I’ve always dreaded 400m repeats (I don’t know why). Tuesday was probably the first time I successfully completed a good number of 400m intervals, and it was in part because I didn’t have to face them alone.

Similarly, I’ve always found the fairly even-paced on-off type workouts a challenge. It requires focus, and if there is no-one directly behind or in front then that focus must come entirely from within. So the idea today was to run 200m hard/100m easy. I set out to follow the suggestion of treating it as a surging tempo run…epic fail. This lasted maybe two laps before I started blasting some 32-34s repeats, realized that wasn’t going to last for 20 repeats (not with the recovery I wasn’t taking) before eventually settling into a more reasonable pace (35-37s).

This kind of session is not just about sticking your toes in the hot coals, as it were, it’s about developing the mental discipline to surge as required during a race. If I can learn this lesson, it will set me up to place well in cross-country and odd-distance races.

Yesterday: 13km.
Today: 8km.

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