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29 August, 2010

I ran to New West, now I’m not feeling the newest! HAHA. That’s about as funny as I’m getting today, I’m fried from a somewhat excessive long run, which was (unusually) alongside other runners. The route was supposed to be 32km, but we took a wrong turn somewhere, so it may have been closer to 33km. In a group, though, it doesn’t seem as far.

I probably won’t try that again anytime soon, but it’s good to have laid the framework for a good training week. The next step up would probably require “doubling up” on at least one day of the week.

Friday: 10km
Today: 32km
This week: 76km.

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  1. Ray permalink
    31 August, 2010 2:54 pm

    Cool. Interesting to see you ramp up on the mileage. I’m starting my training for the Northface Endurance Challenge in San Fran in December. It’ll be my first 50 miler… and I’ll probably have to “double up” on some days like you suggest above.

  2. 1 September, 2010 2:48 pm

    It’s actually beginning to make sense to me — a gruelling, shuffly, recovery run the morning-after-the-workout-before, then put some miles in the bank in the PM.

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