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Still running

12 August, 2010

In case you were wondering, no I did not stop running. Admittedly the dog days of summer have taken a bite out of my best laid training plans, but I’m still running. For one thing, I’ve realized that I needed a protracted bout of laying off the hard training, and secondly, when it’s so hot that forest fires are raging out of control in the interior, to the extent that smoke is drifting over the mountains, I really don’t feel like gasping for breath. Finally, for the time being I really have very little to say about running! I hope always to be able to run, but hasn’t it mostly been said already? I’m just another runner, at the end of the day, and blogging about this activity in which I indulge seems a tad narcissistic.

Which brings me quite nicely to my one bit of running news…I won a race! Woohoo. Okay it really wasn’t a big race, and my time was not spectacular (but respectable by my standards, given the condition of the track and an Air Quality of 6 that evening). Actually it was more of an excuse for a picnic than anything else (and who needs an excuse for one of those? Certainly not a bunch of skinny runners). It was the Miracle Mile Anniversary at Balaclava Park. The first lap was 1:17, the final time officially was 5:05.  Next up: Richmond Oval 10k.

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