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Enough loafing

30 July, 2010

Perhaps it was the heat that drained my motivation this week, or going to the gym takes more out of me than I thought. In any event, the last few days have been a bit of a write-off training-wise, without even a long run at the weekend. I ran easy on Friday, went to the gym on Saturday, and abandoned 400m intervals on Tuesday evening. I was planning to do at least 8x400m, but bailed after five. I’m not sure that the problem was motivation so much as the heat — it did seem as though I were overheating.

Yesterday, we did a sort of relay on the track with different distances for each leg. The recovery times were generous, so I made an honest effort, at least on my middle leg. The motivation was to catch the runner on the other team, which is a good race simulation.

1200m (3:52), 1600m (5:02), 1600m (5:22).

Friday: 12km.

Last week: 33km.

Saturday: Gym (3×6 140lbs backsquats, 3×6 wide-grip pull-ups, 3×8 50lb seated calf-raises, one leg).

Tuesday: 4km (400m aborted).

Yesterday: 5km.

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