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One step backward, two steps forward

22 July, 2010

Either I was getting sick yesterday or I was tired from the race(s) on Tuesday evening. I knew that it would be hard even before I started, and each successive kilometre became more difficult until I called it a day after seven of them. I had 10-12km scheduled, but there’s no point running to total exhaustion for this kind of mileage-padding run (junk miles, some might say). The purpose of it, with regards to training, is to do it consistently enough that it adds up to miles in the bank over the course of time, but it’s also the first to go when more recovery is needed.

This evening I felt much better once I got going, although I wasn’t feeling too great earlier and even went as far as writing down the slowest useful times for each distance on my arm, with the idea of dropping out again if it was just too much. It was a bit silly, and potentially counterproductive, getting competitive at the end of the 400m intervals, but I succumbed to that urge. I suppose it’s good practice to finish strong.

2×800 (2:38, 2:40), 2×1200 (4:04, 4:06) , 2×400 (68, 70), 800 (2:40). 90s recovery between intervals, four minutes between sets (i.e. when changing distance).

One new observation — after doing the cool-down drills ABC drills, I did another 800m interval. My legs felt so much better after these drills than before, even though it was the last repeat.

Yesterday: 7km

Today: 8km.

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