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Mile + 3000m

20 July, 2010

It’s a sobering experience racing against track people. There’s the college kids, and then there’s the ex-college kids, and then there’s me (who drank and smoked through college).

I signed up for both the mile and the 3000m this evening, with the intention of only racing the mile if there was no competition for the 3000m. But I ended up having a crack at them both.

Considering I’ve never actually raced a mile before, I was pretty happy with my effort this evening. First lap was 73s, 2:30 half-way, and a final time of 5:02.63. It’s the only time I’ve approached a new distance at a realistic and steady pace. Good enough for now.

The 3000m was a bit of an afterthought with less than fresh legs twenty minutes later. I paced more evenly than last week, but finished in 10:15.

Yesterday: 0km (gym: parallel squats and wide-grip pull-ups)
Today: 6km.

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