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Basic long run

18 July, 2010

My legs were heavy this morning. They always are the day after a visit to the gym, where yesterday I did squats (3×10) and wide-grip pull-ups (3×5). Setting out, I kind of doubted that I would make it to the end (from Science World to Second beach, a loop of the seawall and back) and thought maybe I would have to bail, as my squat muscles were all complaining, but things got a lot better as the miles passed. Where I went wrong was not bringing water. On a cooler day, out of the sun, there are enough water fountains to get by, but on a day like today I should have brought my waterbladder/backpack. I survived, but it wasn’t pretty.

I’m toying with the idea of switching to a 14 day cycle rather than seven. Supposedly ten days is the ideal time-frame, but that’s very difficult to manage in the real world. On the one hand, the danger with a longer timeframe is that the essential workouts can end up getting pushed back, and either never get done or get done on back-to-back days. On the other hand, I feel that the speedwork and shorter races are pulling me in a different direction than the Sunday long runs, and that a 90 minute to two hour long run is increasingly difficult. Perhaps I can get away with a longer run every other week.

I’m also looking for a decent 10k to run in September. It’s odd that there really isn’t much in this area (or Victoria, that I can find).

Friday: 12km.
Today: 21km.
This week: 56km.

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