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Getting back to it

11 July, 2010

Many runners have coaches who tell them ‘no more running, until I say so!’ when it’s time to recover. The nearest person I have to a coach advised me after the Sun Run to give it a rest for the remainder of the month, which I didn’t exactly follow to the letter.

So, I was overdue for some rest, and by a bit of good fortune the heat wave has worked in my favour. Running is not nearly as enjoyable when it gets up to around 25 degC (or above), as it was this afternoon, though it felt hotter. I ran for an hour anyway, so I’m getting there. My summer recovery is officially over!

I still haven’t decided exactly on my autumn race schedule. For the time being I plan to run 56km next week, and depending on how hot it is, I will race a 3000m on the track Tuesday evening. I expect to be about as sharp as a butter-knife, so I’ll be pretty happy if I can break 10 minutes flat.

This week: 34km.

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