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Back pain

10 July, 2010

It seems that, unlike most people from my age upwards, I almost never have back pain, and have always prided myself on having a strong back. I know how it happened though.

To start with I’ve been to the gym maybe once in the last two to three months, which means that all the supporting elements of my core musculature may have lightly atrophied, including my traditionally weak rhomboids. Also, we’ve been having a heat wave this week in Vancouver. When it gets hot my ancient tendency to slouch resurfaces. I was even slouching while riding no-hands on my bike earlier this week, just before the pain came on (but it felt so good to have the breeze on my face).

This was a very bad idea…I think going over bumps in the road caused excessive movement and resulted in inflammation in the T7 area. I took some ibuprofen for the first time in ages (apart from for a insect bite to the knee that swelled up just before the half marathon), and it’s getting better every day. Yesterday, a very tentative 7km jog, and the gym this morning.

The way I see it (maybe I heard this somewhere), the back is like a finely-tuned piano. Everything’s just peachy unless you try to move it too much or too suddenly, in which case it will go out of tune. If you intend to move it often, then you need strategically placed packing materials, also known as muscles, to protect it.

Yesterday: 7k.

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