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2x1200m (400m recovery)

22 June, 2010

My plan was to tackle the 1200m at just a little faster than my goal half-marathon pace. I went out a little fast — my first lap was 5k pace, perhaps not surprisingly, but I dialled it down to something more reasonable.

As usual in the week leading up to a race, I struggle somewhat to maintain a positive frame of mind. Running on a regular basis contributes towards my mental well-being, while tapering takes that away (the contribution, not necessarily the well-being). On the one hand I’m in better shape than I ever have been, on the other…well, I question how well my endurance has held up given that two-thirds of my sessions have been more speed-oriented. My main concern will be with not starting too fast, even more so than usual as the half marathon pace is one to which I’ve become unaccustomed.

I probably shouldn’t publicize this, but Brockton Oval is a great place to do track workouts. It’s only a dirt track, but the upside is that it’s in Stanley Park. The warm-up and the cool-down takes you through some beautiful trails, and even the track itself has a lovely feel to it. It’s a clearing in the forest, effectively.

4:17, 2:30 (jog), 4:20

Yesterday: 0k.
Today: 8k.

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