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New shoes and a longish run

20 June, 2010

One week to go before the Scotiabank half. I woke up this morning feeling both eager to run and yet also kind of flat and depleted still from Friday’s 5k. Having said that, yesterday I felt almost as though I had a hangover, and was lacking sleep due to having raced so late in the day. And so I perform the balancing act that is tapering — nothing to be done training-wise, except what it takes to stop the muscles deconditioning/going to sleep.

I tried out my new Adidas adiZero Mana today. They are supposedly a tad heavier than the Musha, but also a slightly snugger fit, which I like. They feel a little heavier — not that I can actually detect the extra effort required to move them, but they feel slightly more padded and stiffer/less responsive. A nice shoe for long runs, tempos, and longer intervals, but I don’t think they will replace the Musha for races.

200m (of pain) before the end of Friday's race.

My total mileage this week is probably a little lower than ideal for the second last week before racing a half, but I also had to taper slightly for the 5k. Not only that, but the two or three weeks before were decent enough in quality and quantity. And I have a hotspot on my left shin that doesn’t yet count as an injury, but requires rest as it seems to have been there, off and on, for several weeks. So be it.

Yesterday: 7k

Today: 17k

This week: 46k

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