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15 June, 2010

I’m spending a few days in Seattle and have less access/inclination to go on the internet. Nevertheless, I better post before my memory starts fading.

I attempted a long run on Saturday. And failed! Overall, I can say it’s because I have such a routine going for my long run that I don’t even need to think about what I’m doing or very much either about where I’m going. I have routes measured out, I know where to get water and so on. None of this applies in a relatively unknown city. In the afternoon, I set out under a blazing sun along the Burke-Gilman trail from the U-district over to Lake Washington. I wasn’t wearing a hat, and I even managed to stumble into the off-leash area of the park. Mad dogs and Englishmen, indeed. I ran about 15km before calling it a day.

Sunday was more of a success. I got up early and headed in the other direction along the Burke-Gilman trail, before taking a turn towards Green Lake where I did three laps before coming back. Green Lake is a beautiful place to run, especially if you get there early enough. Of course, being a Sunday it started to become a little difficult to navigate towards the end as crowds of people arrived.

Every where I go, here, there are tons of runners! This may even be, dare I say it, a better city for runners than Vancouver. It has a marathon-length trail that runs through the city! There are several amazing parks to run around. I’m impressed.

Saturday: 15km

Sunday: 24km

Last week: 64km.

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