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Breathing brillo pads

8 June, 2010

Was it the heat, the (low) humidity or air pollution? There was no air quality advisory this evening but I have to wonder. By the end of the session my lungs were really burning, and I was coughing. Cycling to the track, it seemed as though the air smelled of car exhaust all the way. I really hope that the current city council will continue with their infrastructure improvements to the point where significant numbers of people will leave their cars behind and make an overall difference.

4 x (100m high-kicks, 200m all-out, 100m recovery, 300m hard, 100m recovery).

Afterwards I felt so awful it seemed a good idea to walk into the McDon’t next to the track and eat there. That place is even worse than I remember it, I don’t know how they get away with it!

Yesterday: 0

Today: 6k.

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