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Trials of trails

6 June, 2010

When it comes to athletics, I am a road runner first and foremost. Perhaps I’m also a bit of a treehugger, truth be told. More truth: I’ve been reading Diana Beresford-Kroeger’s Arboretum America, and realize how little I have to write, how much still to learn! A visionary scientist, she is a Thoreau for the 21st century, and there would seem to be hope for the biosphere (if enough people choose not to disregard it).

As to my training, I feel ambivalent about trail running. Perhaps this is because the more I learn about the forest, the less I feel the need to stretch the bounds of my limited agility in leaving the place quickly over technically tough terrain. That said, it’s always good to be in the forest in June, and whatever reason we invent for being there the kilometres do stretch out.

Today, a long run in the evening after a relatively busy Sunday. I don’t know if it was this or my body still recovering from the trail, but it definitely felt longer than 22.5km. (Science World – 2nd Beach – Bridle-Rawlings trail – Seawall – 2nd beach – Science World).

Friday: 0 (25km bike)

Yesterday: 11km (Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve to Deep Cove via the Tender Knee course, mostly the Powerline and Baden Powell trails).

Today: 22.5km.

This week: 64km.

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