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Uphill, from Ontario to Manitoba

1 June, 2010

Yesterday, I had to abort my run after twenty minutes. For some reason I started feeling woozy and my stomach was upset. It happens sometimes. I was feeling generally lacklustre for most of the day and perhaps have been fighting off a cold, but so far I’m still winning that particular battle. Perhaps it’s because last week was quite hard overall, resulting in over-reaching. And so it goes — ramp up the effort one week, and pay for it the next.

Fortunately, my hills this evening were more rewarding. I revisited 37th between Ontario and Manitoba, 5x30s ‘sprints’ (it’s steep, ok?) with full recoveries. This time my buddy Joe came along, which always makes it easier. Compared to the last time, I’d say I’ve gained nearly five metres on the repeat. I was wearing flats, but still I’m glad to mark the improvement.

Weird side-effect of today’s workout: sore elbows, not a serious injury but what the #%$@? We each had one, makes no sense to me.

Yesterday: ~4km
Today: 8km.

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