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30 May, 2010

After Thursday’s balls-to-the-wall workout, my legs were aching yesterday morning. It felt as though I had a polished date pit buried in each calf, on top of that dull bone-deep ache that I usually associate with races. So what was there for it but a 24km run in the rain?

Actually, it wasn’t all that heroic as I stopped to chat (and eat dates) for ten minutes with a buddy I bumped into at Spanish Banks. My pace, on average, was a conservative 4:45/km which was just as well, though I tried taking the downhill section of Spanish Banks at a clip (downhill inoculation for the upcoming half). In any event, it seemed to work — my legs hurt less and felt stronger after than before!

This morning I marshalled at the Shaughnessy 8k. What a fantastic race for the local running community (and I’m not just saying that as a Lions Gater)! It’s always inspiring to see runners making a race effort. There was a hairy moment when a motorist, who I thought I had an agreement with to wait for a few minutes, decided to roll upstream into the race just as the lead car came into view! Apparently it worked out ok, and as far as I can ascertain the leaders were not slowed even if the lead car was momentarily.

Friday: 0.
Yesterday: 24km.
Today: 0 (strength workout at gym).
This week: 58km.

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