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Going against the grain

20 May, 2010

Having felt lethargic for most of the week and not having run since Monday (was this a cause or a result of not running? It’s hard to say, but I needed a break anyway), I wasn’t expecting great things from today’s workout. An ideal occasion to experiment with fuelling, then.

I’ve been reading a little about the Primal Eating Plan this week. As skeptical as I am about fad diets (or any kind of diet that doesn’t include chocolate in the title, for that matter), I still crave sweet things in a way that there can never be enough. I don’t understand the paleolithic system well enough to fully explain it just yet, and I also doubt that on a planet of six billion humans it could be sustainable — even if I am able to re-allocate enough of the monthly cave expenditure to pay for my own meadow-grazed meat. Nevertheless, the concept does appeal to my inner tree-hugging, barefoot runner so I decided today to forgo my usual ritual and instead ate extra fruit mid-afternoon. As a devout cathoatlic, this definitely goes against the grain!

As it turns out, fruit alone just isn’t enough. The more fruit I eat the better I feel overall, but it’s not enough to sustain me through a track session, and I started feeling light-headed about half-way through the 500m repeats this evening. I don’t recall ever having run this length interval, so pacing for it was a bit of a stab in the dark, too. I haven’t given up on the idea, it could be that I just need to somehow work some protein or fat into the pre-run meal. Also, for me, moving away from reliance on grains could only be a gradual process.

3 sets of 3x500m (93 seconds, 94, 94), (94, 98, 95), (96, 93, 91) with ~2:15 recoveries between repeats and full 3-4 min recoveries between sets.

Today: ~8km.

Monday: 10km running, 20km cycling (Stanley Park Sandwich).

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday: naught.

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