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4×440 yards, 3 sets

13 May, 2010

Also known as the quarter mile, this track of 440 yards in Balaclava Park was where Bannister prepared for his historic duel with Landy for the ‘Miracle Mile’ at Empire Stadium, during which the latter demonstrated why you should never look back. Not that close to the finish line, anyway.
Statue of Bannister and Landy at the finish line of the 'miracle mile'
With its craters, the track has seen better days, while the grass and weeds spilling over from the central area imitates the muffin tops and spandex of some of the joggers. I’ve yet to race the mile, perhaps because I’ve always regarded it as a little too close to sprinting. But my running club commemorates the historic race with an annual mile meet, so perhaps I will give it a go this year. Funnily enough, what would probably be my mile pace (≈ five minutes), seemed like a natural pace for the one lap repeats today. Recoveries were 90s between repeats, with full 4-5 minutes between sets.
(75, 73, 73, 72), (74, 74, 74, 74), (75, 73, 74, 72)

Yesterday: 10k.
Today: 8k.

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