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Sun Run 2010k

9 May, 2010

The ineffable god of rain, powerful in these parts, will surely punish me if I complain about too much sun, but as I stood on the start line I could definitely feel my scalp warming up. Ray, my fellow baldie at Lions Gate, suggested cultivating a comb-over for the next time we have to run under a blazing sun. Let me make it quite clear, though, that I’m not complaining! The Sun Run is something to behold, and to stand at the start of this race (in the orange corner of the blue section for the first time!), with 40000+ people behind you, is awe-inspiring and a real treat.

For some unknown reason, the gun went off before the countdown was done. I was surprised by how many people set off at what must have surely been over 4:00minute/km pace, but traffic was mostly fast-flowing and for once I didn’t have to run around hundreds of people. The 1km mark I didn’t see, but went through the first mile in 5:18! This is easily the fastest time so far that I’ve covered that distance under any circumstance. It’s nice to set a pb, but as the first mile I wonder if it wasn’t a bit on the silly side of fast, though on a gift of a steady downhill.

The 2km mark went by at 6:42, still fast, and I consciously slowed here, saving some juice for the hill. At this point I also started to single out the runners I’d be competing against. Once again, some of these were among the faster ladies in the field. They’re not much for drafting, but as they are that much more competitive their pacing is perhaps a little more consistent than some of the over-eager and under-experienced male rabbits. That said, looking at my splits (below), my pacing was {ahem} spread more broadly than two weeks ago.

I felt good and springy on the hill up to Burrard Bridge, and gained a couple of places. Of course, it came back on me a little by the time I’d reached the crest of the bridge, but the pain caused by my somewhat erratic pacing was alleviated by the vocal support of a couple of fellow Lions Gaters, one on each end of the bridge. The B.C. regiment band started playing as I passed, which was also helpful.

What else? Well, the last 3-4 km of any 10km is really hard to recount, there was a vague awareness of minor battles with a handful of individuals, but other than that the focus turns inward, you don’t see much, you don’t hear much, you don’t think much — you ignore the little voices in your head telling you to slow down. The ninth kilometre I did slow down, though it didn’t feel like it and some of the other runners that I’d been keeping up with must also have slowed.

And finally that short but excruciating final climb onto Cambie Bridge, before descending into the embrace of a cheering crowd, and a slight headwind — so much for the finishing kick. I didn’t see the official time, but by my watch I have 35:43, which is a PB — though not quite the one I was aiming for. If I make the top 100 (doubtful) they’ll give me the gun time. But I’ll take it, either way.

{3:21, 3:21}, {3:36, 3:36}, 3:53, 3:40, {3:33, 3:32}, 3:41, 3:26
(Curly brackets denote averaged splits).
Today: 8 miles.
This week: 27 miles.
Cycling: ~30km.
[Update: official time is 35:47, 85th man. If I’d known I was going to be in the top 100 I would have started nearer the front, but this is good!]

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  1. 10 May, 2010 12:43 am

    Wow, PB and 85th place is awesome! Good work out there!


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