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Unmitigated Evil

4 May, 2010

Unless your idea of an easy run includes a rather hasty stop behind a tree, don’t bother with Dare’s so-called RealFruit candies as fuel before/during a workout. This much I learned during my easy five miler on trails of the endowment lands this evening. Of course, it could just be me reacting to one of the ingredients, but I take a look at the list and it has so many that I would surprised if anyone doesn’t react to at least one of them. Was it the gelatin, the pectin, the modified coconut oil or the carnauba wax? It doesn’t matter, this stuff is pure evil. And to think they get handed out during marathons!

Yesterday, more treadmill intervals…oh what fun! If it’s windy during the race, I’ll be aiming for the position (100th man, or better), not the time, but a solo session in the wind is demoralizing. Actually, watching the seconds tick by on the treadmill is kind of mesmerizing (12x 25s @ ~8k pace, 35s recovery) and I played a little game of seeing if I could just barely touch the front handrail with my knees. I never used to touch the handrail at all, so perhaps my gait has improved a little.

Yesterday: 5 miles.
Today: 5 miles.

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