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2 May, 2010

Even after a complete rest day on Friday, yesterday I felt under the weather. I don’t know whether it’s because of a slight cold I’m fighting off, or perhaps because Thursday’s workout was more strenuous than it usually is. My only schedule workout this weekend was a 2×1 mile repeats at 10k pace.

I tried again this afternoon and made a little more progress, doing 1600m and 800m (better than nothing). I figured that pushing myself to the point of exhaustion is really not ideal a week before a goal race.

I was also tired from having got up before 5am to bike-escort the half-marathoners for the BMO event and ‘sweep’ the field afterward. Even the half-marathon wasn’t especially strenuous, but it was all-in-all a long day spent mostly getting wet outside!

Yesterday: 4 miles
Today: 6 miles running, 55k cycling.
This week: 25 miles running, 140k cycling

Aaaargh, my mileage has really dropped off the map. But too late, I must stick with the plan — quality over quantity, speedwork not junk miles!

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